Hedge Fund Technology

The trading and money management environments present unique challenges for an IT System. The combination of integrating with market data systems and the need for 100% reliability to avoid potentially costly downtime requires sophisticated and robust systems with unrivalled reliability.

Experience & Relationships

The VITS team have developed an exceptional level of experience with a range of multinational financial institutions, existing hedge funds and start-up operations. We also have excellent Vendor relationships and strategic partnerships with speciality vendors that allow us to bring you a complete technology solution through one single point of contact.

A Total Solution

The strength a working with VITS is both the depth and extent of our services. We can not only supply the expertise and technology for your Hedge Fund IT system, but can also manage entire construction projects for the offices that will house that system.

Our suite of design and implementation services ensure we create a robust, secure and efficient office infrastructure. A dedicated project manager and his team can oversee every aspect of your office and system development and installation, integrating seamlessly with your building contractor and architect to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget.

The VITS team are able to provide:

Project Planning & Design Services

* Project management throughout entire start-up process.
* Planning of Electrical and cable requirements.
* Computer room efficiency planning to ensure maximum use is gained from every square metre.

Installation Services

* Network cable installation and implementation.
* Network configuration and implementation.
* Telephony solutions, including phone system selection and integration with other technologies.
* HVAC selection and installation.
* Hardware/Software procurement and set-up.
* Physical installation of all hardware and software.

Let the Experts Lead

An office build is a complex process involving a range of people and companies, both from within the organisation and outside contractors. Our experience is that the process is best led by a Technology company or person, as they will never lose sight of the ultimate purpose of the office once it opens its doors. The focus on the systems that will actually make the business run means that essential services and cabling will always be a prime consideration of the physical build. With VITS heading your building project, you can rest assured that the final result will have the technology infrastructure so vital to your success.