Communication Services

Making sure your technology remains connected to the rest of the world is at the heart of any network. Whatever, and wherever, your devices may be, you need to be able rely on them being able to communicate with each other across reliable and robust networks. VITS provide the full range of technology, services and support to allow you to connect fast, efficiently and reliably.


Your connection to the internet is a vital link in you information flow. Our ADSL and SDSL service allows us to provide you with the best speed, cost and reliability options for any location throughout the UK. We can provide a fully managed, wires-only, self-install or an engineered full installation dependent on your needs, and provide the latest Broadband products which give up to 76Mbps download speeds. We will review your requirements and then recommend a solution that is right for both your commercial and technical needs.

Etherstream & EFM

The VITS EtherStream service provides a significant increase in performance when compared to broadband without the need to move to Fibre Leased Lines. With bandwidths of between 2Mbps and 60Mbps, EtherStream is a scalable access service with assured bandwidth and service levels for a fraction of the cost of a Leased Line service. The service is also extremely resilient, operating over multiple SDSL or ADSL circuits bonded together so that if one of your lines goes down, the other circuits will continue to operate.
Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) provides a high-quality alternative to traditional leased lines. Offering bandwidths between 2Mbps and 20Mbps, EFM is a scalable Ethernet service with a dedicated connectivity and guaranteed service levels for a fraction of the cost of a legacy Leased Line service.

4G Business Mobile Broadband

Accelerate your Mobile connection with the superfast VITS 4G service. The benefits to your business mobile connections include:
•Regular speeds of 15Mb to 30Mb with the potential of even higher speeds.
•The improved 4G infrastructure means 4G is more robust and better able to cope with high demand
•The potential for an always-on mobile broadband connection.
•For smaller businesses it can offer a genuine alternative to a landline broadband connection, removing the need for line rental charges.

Leased Lines, MPLS, P2P

Increase your speeds and reliability of connection with the options of Leased Lines, MPLS and P2P. By reducing or eliminating other traffic from your communications you not only improved the speeds of your data flow, you also increase your data security by removing the option for other people to access your connections.

SIP Trunking

The VITS SIP trunking service is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service that allows us to deliver telephone services and communications over the internet. Ideal for voice, video, and other streaming media applications such as desktop sharing, web conferencing, and shared whiteboard via the SIP systems we provide

Enterprise Wireless LAN

Enterprise networks allow you to really exploit Wireless LAN to its full extent. VITS have access to multiple enterprise networks that allow you expand your business wireless connections for a much lower cost of full network connections.

We specialise in a number of leading wifi solutions.  Cisco wireless is our selected industry standard product utilised to  reduce operational expenses by simplifying network deployment, operations, and management.

Network Cabling

Network cabling can represent a significant expenditure for an organisation, so it is vital that you get the best performance for the fewest meters of cable possible. The VITS technical teams are experts at designing and installing your cable runs to provide the right connectivity in the most efficient way possible. Using the correct specification of cable for your environment also ensures the reliability and longevity of your network to provide the best possible protection of your investment without compromising on performance.

Voice & Fax Services

VITS offer a full range of Voice and Fax services including: Voice and Fax Services, Telephone Line Rental, Telephone Calls, Direct Voice Services, Switched Voice Services, Non-Geographic Numbers, Fax to Email, Email to Fax and Fax Broadcast. Each service offers a range of pricing and performance options to allow you to choose exactly the right service for your business or organisation.

Fax IP

Fax IP allows you to send faxes over the internet rather than the more traditional use of telephone land lines, eliminating the cost of phone calls associated with traditional faxing.

Cloud Telephony

Free yourself from the costs and restrictions of traditional telephone systems with the VITS Cloud-based telephony service. By routing phone calls through the internet and your business network systems you not only save a significant amount of money, you can also quickly and easily adapt your system to meet the changing needs of your organisation. This is particularly useful if you have multiple sites and offices, where everyone can share the same functionality and services regardless of their location.

Soft Phone

The VITS Soft Phone software lets you turn any PC, laptop or tablet into a telephone. With proprietary software developed specifically for business users, the easy to use interface makes calls, conference calls and face to face conversations easier than ever.

Call Recording

As a VITS telephony service customer we can record incoming and outgoing calls on any or all of your lines. Ideal for audit, evidence or staff training.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant (AA) telephony systems, also known as a virtual receptionist, easily and efficiently transfer incoming calls to various extensions as specified by callers. With a fully customisable menu set up, your caller will be met with a friendly automated voice that will present them with your range of options, and then be transferred to the number of their choice. Calls can be routed to landline phones, mobile phones, VoIP devices, or other AAs.

Voicemail Services

Our voicemail services allow you to set up any number of appropriate voice mail boxes, linked to your telephone systems. Voicemails can then be recovered by accessing the system from either a landline or from a mobile phone.