Security & Growth

IT systems are at the heart of your business and organisation, and they can be your greatest asset. Because you rely so much your systems you need to know they will always be there, providing the essential information and support that is so crucial to your ongoing success. The world of technology changes fast and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments, threats and opportunities for growth. At VITS we have the expertise and knowledge to keep you on track and up to date so your security and growth are never compromised.

Penetration Testing

Your Firewall, Anti-Virus Software and Network Security Systems are your protection against any attack to your systems, but are they effective against the latest threats? Are you sure your systems cannot be compromised by the latest generation of hackers and their ever –developing strategies? The VITS Penetration Testing service uses state-of-the-art software and our carefully researched knowledge of all the latest threats to safely probe your system defences and identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We will then provide the support you need to upgrade your software to ensure you are fully protected against attack.

Disaster Recovery

Protecting your data and maximizing uptime in your business requires a solution that delivers speed, reliability, simplicity and cost savings.

Whatever the size of your business VITS gives you the competitive edge you need to protect your data and systems wherever they’re located. Our solutions address disaster recovery and data protection needs across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Whether you need a simple and lightweight solution for local servers or workstations, or advanced capabilities with centralized management across your organization, VITS offer you a perfect fit.

If you need centralized management across your organization for Windows or Linux servers, workstations and laptops, or virtual environments such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, you can count on VITS for unified backup, disaster recovery and data protection all in one integrated solution.

Bespoke Design

Your business is unique, and the very best system for you is the one designed specifically for your needs. Rather than adjusting the way you work to accommodate off-the-shelf software packages, your success and growth can be founded on the development of a system that does exactly what you want, just the way you want to do it. The VITS system and software development team are experts at analysing your business or organisation, working closely with you to fully understand where you are now, and where you want to be in the future. They will then design a system that not only fully meets the needs of today, but has the capacity to grow and develop along with you.

Office Re-locations & Installs

A smooth transition from one location to another is crucial to get you up and running with as little disruption and downtime as possible. Unforeseen and unplanned for problems can result in costly delays and downtime, and the potential loss of business. VITS have a wealth of expertise with office relocations and installs at new premises and will manage the move and installation of your IT systems to make the move as seamless, and painless, as possible.

Finance & Leasing

VITS can put you in contact with a partner visionary provider of smart, cost-effective finance solutions. Providing finance solutions with many of the UK’s brightest and most ambitious organisations in the commercial, professional and public markets. Providing a unique range of products and specialist expertise to meet the funding needs of our customers.