A smarter approach to Informatics and IT consulting for the NHS

There is tremendous pressure on NHS organisations to adopt new technologies and applications but all too often the implementation is poorly executed, over budget and never realises the intended benefits. VITS can provide expertise that ensures all proposed investments are well managed, are led by both Service and Clinical need, are delivered on time and to budget and bring true benefits across your organisation at all levels with improved patient care being at the forefront of all changes. We are so confident that we are one of the only providers to offer fixed price delivery of anything from specific work packages to full lifecycle delivery of your planned project.

VITS Healthcare

Is a wholly owned subsidiary of VITS Ltd and follows the same core principles and quality practices that have been the basis for VITS success in the finance sector and combines this with a management team formed of individuals all recruited directly from the NHS with proven skills in Informatics, change management, business intelligence, clinical systems implementation and Service improvement.

Clinical Systems

VITS Healthcare is able to deliver comprehensive support across all stages of a deployment project to ensure successful system implementation. Our in-house team of system implementation consultants can provide clients with sufficient capability and capacity to achieve organisational goals. VITS can supply a complete project team with years of experience and a proven track record in the field of clinical system implementations and this eliminates the need for the client to engage with recruitment agencies and selecting individual candidates to build a deployment team. VITS are also able to supply individual consultants to manage the delivery of individual work streams or can implement a set of deliverables at a fixed cost. We offer flexible, scalable and cost effective change services that employ recognised delivery methodologies to minimise the risk associated with clinical systems implementations. We have in-house consultants with experience in all care settings and with a history of delivering some of the most successful programmes within the NHS in the last 10 years.

System Selection & Business Case Development

Today’s healthcare environment demands systems that offer integration and interoperability. Our consultants can work with you to identify the best system to meet your organisational and clinical needs, including:

  • Creation and delivery of business case from OBC to approved FBC
  • Executive engagement, oversight and guidance
  • Current state analysis of your environment
  • Identification of requirements based on future state needs
  • Facilitation of procurement process
  • Support with commercial selection

Change Management

Every year NHS organisations are required to operate more efficiently whilst improving the quality and availability of services. Organisations are changing through mergers and expansion and modifying working practices to meet these challenges but all too often change is not well adopted and impacts both patient care and the reputation of local NHS services. We can helps Trusts plan for and manage transformation to ensure that all expected benefits are realised and changes are implemented with minimum disruption. VITS works with Trusts to outline the required change and our consultants will plan and manage the activities required to realise the proposed benefits. We provide support and guidance to develop and manage a programme including project planning, communications strategy and all process redesign activities. Through our flexible resourcing option we supply scalable resource solutions to complement your in house team so you can manage peaks and troughs in project demand. Our support spans all stages of transformation and change projects including:

  • Process change
  • Structural change
  • Cultural change
  • Technology-driven change

Programme & Project Management

Programme and project management is an essential part of health system implementations. Early stage planning and effective project management will ensure you achieve successful project delivery on time and to budget. Virtual IT Solutions can support Trusts with the planning, project and programme management of health systems implementations working alongside existing Trust staff where possible to embed knowledge within the organisation. Our consultants can help you with:

  • Developing a business case
  • Project initiation and planning
  • Strategy and planning
  • Programme readiness assessment
  • Project auditing and assurance


User Support & Training

VITS works with Trusts to empower their workforce to meet the challenges that face the NHS today and ensure that as new technologies and systems are implemented they are fully understood and utilised. Covering a range of business critical functions, VITS can help Trusts manage workforce development and deliver training that increases staff skills and competency throughout the organisations. We can provide support in the following areas:

  • Learning Management
  • Leadership & Talent Development
  • Training Delivery
  • One-to-one or classroom based training
  • Floorwalking support

VITS can supply consultants to lead on workforce development activities and provide full managerial coverage or provide interim support as required.

Understanding your technology

Whether your organization is large or small and regardless of care setting we understand that you operate in a unique environment. Before we help you implement your clinical system, our consultants work closely with your staff to perform a comprehensive review of your existing technologies, systems, clinical and business processes, and workflows. We can provide guidance related to infrastructure, hardware, network administration, server sizing, and automation of routine processes. We ensure you have reliable disaster recovery processes in place and a plan for care continuity.


Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Virtual IT Services works alongside NHS Trusts to maximise the efficiency, effectiveness and service quality of their information management and technology provision. We help Trusts manage the complex healthcare IT environment to allow the successful implementation and roll out of new systems. Our consultants are able to provide expert advice and guidance on technology, integration and service support to help you achieve your organisational objectives at any stage of your projects.

Skills & Recruitment

VITS does not operate like other recruitment agencies as we don’t employ recruitment consultants or waste your organisations time by mass matching job descriptions against a database of generic CV’s. We treat any request for skills or personnel in the same way we handle all our business and a specialist with the correct understanding of your technology, change requirements or application will engage with you to ensure we deliver to you the best available candidate first time, every time. We can provide experienced NHS staff on an interim basis across the full spectrum of Technology, Informatics, Change and Business Intelligence or contact us to discuss how we can deliver your requirement at a fixed price and to an agreed timescale.

IM&T Services

  • Data Centre Support & Hosting
  • Telephony
  • Onsite & Remote Support Services
  • Network Infrastructure & Cabling
  • Disaster Recovery

Fixed Price Delivery Options

The implementation of new technologies and applications for NHS organisations is often seen as a drain on internal resources with many projects also running over budget, never to time and often not realising all the intended benefits. VITS is one of the very few consultancies in the UK that will look to deliver your project or programme at a fixed price or we can be engage to deliver a specific work package within any existing project giving you the option to outsource a complex requirement such as data migration, local configuration, cutover planning, training, etc. This allows you to reduce the risk of engaging directly with contract staff, control capital expenditure, free up internal resources and source only the best skills required at the right time. Please call us on 0845 257 8487 to discuss the options available and how best VITS can support your requirements.